nervous... copy as was in wrong message board I think

was seen at a breast clinic on Jan 7 after a visit to my gp said she could feel what I felt (firm thickening on outer side of left breast) and I have a high risk of breast cancer due to mother being diagnosed young.
I was seen 4 days after gp.
The clinic was lovely. I’m only 26 so was sent just for ultrasound. Again… Woman lovely… But… During ultrasound she was chatting away… As was I (I cant shut up when nervous!)
Anyway when we were chatting I was watching the screen, and noticed a strange black patch… At end of test, she told me all looks ok. I said what about the black areas… She said what black areas, put the thing back on my breast and went, oh there? That’s ur ribs… But it wasn’t the same thing I’d seen before… What I’d seen looked almost like an upside down semi circle… Shadowy… Uneven edges… When she said was my ribs… I couldn’t even see a dark patch!!
Anyway, was sent back to consultant. She said she wanted to see me again in a year because of family history. Fine.
I went off… But I have a feeling of not all being well… I know I sound paranoid btw lol.
But a few days later, I put on a halterneck bra that I haven’t worn in some time… And even my bf said, where’s it gone?! My right breast has always been bigger… Around 1/2 to a full cup size difference… But now… Jesus. It is literally a two cup size difference. I hadn’t really paid attention to size before as I didn’t think it mattered… But reading on here I’ve realised it can… I called the clinic and spoke to one of the nurses. She was lovely and booked me another appointment, if all great, then just to put my mind at ease. My appointment is this Friday at 4…
I know how crazy I sound… But I’m so worried.

Hi scaredmum,

You are right to persevere. You may accuse yourself of being paranoid, wasting their time etc etc.  But, just what if something’s wrong and you find out later!  You can’t take any chances with this.  So it’s good that you’ve now got another appointment.  Best of luck for Fri.  Jackie xx

Yes you are right to continue and find out - knowledge will calm you down.  But be patient waiting for the results - i found that hard 

Thank you… Its not that one has got bigger… More than the worrying one got a lot smaller… Didn’t even know was possible lol.
Thank you for replying… I’m just such a nervous wreck. And like so many… Can’t stay away from that old enemy… Google!! X