Nervous for my ANC Thurs

Hi all,

I’m feel really nervous. I had a mastectomy, immediate reconstruction 3 weeks ago. They removed 6 nodes and 1 was affected. Therefore I’m having to have further surgery on Thursday for an ANC.

It feels like a step backwards as I’m already back in the gym, driving & feeling relatively normal. How long is recovery after ANC (I know everyone is different) and does anyone know if they will make a new incision or go back through my reconstruction.

Any tips and advice I’m very grateful for. Thank you! Xx

Hi Hb ,just wanted to say good luck on Thursday -can’t offer any advice as not had node clearance - hopefully someone will be along soon who can answer your questions - you could post this in the ask the nurses section too .Best wishes .Jill.

Hi Hb1988

I wanted to reply as I see that you haven’t yet had anyone with the same experience. I had mastectomy, immediate recon and full node clearance in one operation - so not the same as you but perhaps I can help with questions.


I don’t know whether they will use the same incision site - but I can tell you that I had to have a second op 4 days after first as my drain snapped off when they tried to remove it, so they had to open me up again to get it out. In that case they used the same incision site to access the snapped drain. They also removed all my nodes via the breast incision.


I was allowed to drive again after about 4 weeks. You have done brilliantly to be back in the gym etc after 3 weeks so I have every confidence that you will do just as well after the node op. Were you given arm exercises to do after the mastectomy? I think the node op will make it harder to lift your arm to begin with - but I could be wrong. Just keep doing those exercises and I’m sure you will recover very quickly.


Please do ask if I can help with any specific questions. Wishing you strength and sending hugs for your op tomorrow. Do report back when you are up to it.

Evie xx



i had my anc on Wednesday. So we are about at the same stage I think. I had a lumpectomy and snb on 22nd November so this was a more minor op than you had. It all feels quite tight and sore. Sleeping has been ok - easier than after the first op as it’s only one wound this time. But it all feels stranger this time. The exercises didn’t hurt at all last time and I got full movement very easily. This time feels like it’s going to be more of a struggle. How are you doing now?

I’m doing okay! I still have my drain in at the.moment. much easier then my mx and reconstruction that’s for sure! Like you say I also got my range of movement back within 3 weeks
It feels harder this time but I think the drain doesn’t help! X

Which exercises are those? I’m a physio but don’t specialise in this area! But I’m normally very active and play alot of sport so I hope that will help! I should get the drain out tomorrow or Monday! Xx

Thank you will certainly give it a go!!! Anything to reduce the risks! It’s my biggest fear! Hope you’re recovering well xx

Wow great work on the walk! I’m going to get out and about tomorrow but a bit more tricky with a drain. I am really sorry to hear about your partner - what a tough time you’re both having. 55th chemo that must really take it’s toll. Sending you both hugs xx