I have an appointment at 12.30 to see the oncologist and get the results of my CT scan. Very scared, but actually managed to get some sleep! This forum has helped me a lot since my diagnosis last week and so am trying to stay positive.

Hi Claire

I may have missed you before your appointment but if you need to talk things through later please feel free to call our helpliners on 0808 800 6000, lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturdays

Take care


Hope all goes well, it is a very anxious time getting tests and waiting for results. They discovered a little lesion on one of my vertebras when I had my CT after DX (last year Nov), so they did a bone scan and three months later an MRI and they say they don’t think it’s a met. CT scans show up all sorts of blemishes etc, so don’t be surprised if they find something, but remember in most cases it’s not mets!!

Hope all went well Claire, it is scary isn’t it. I’ve got mine tomorrow.
Sending a big hug and a lot of kick ass PMA xx

Right back at you! Hope it goes well. They told me that there is no obvious evidence that it has spread anywhere else. Very relieved! When I told the oncologist how fast it was growing, he has arranged to bring my chemo forward and I start tomorrow…

Great news, so pleased you start chemo tomorrow!

3N3 xx

Claire, I am just catching up on here… hope all has gone as well as it can with your first session of chemo, it sounds like you are getting treated very quickly, which is good. I go to see the Oncologist on Thursday and will be starting the chemo a week on Wednesday. Like you, my results seem to be clear for both my bone scan and my CT. Funny how you can be so happy at a result, but still have all the treatment to go through. I have had a metal marker inserted in my lump, which is twinging a bit, but not too bad.

Hope to catch up with you soon xx

VioletC, I know exactly what you mean! Came out from seeing the Oncologist and was sooo happy!! I was in total shock to only be given one days notice of chemotherapy, but am glad something is now being done.I have been very lucky so far with the chemo - day 4 and no bad side effects. (I did have a wierd day out yesterday - buying a wig in Poole!) Today I have to have another U/S as it has got bigger since diagnosis, and an ECG on Friday. Luckily my lovely Mum has travelled down from the Midlands to look after my children so hubby can be with me!
I am thinking of you loads - please let me know how it goes on Thursday - feel free to P/m me anytime.

Oh that is great news I work full time and am hoping I can still try and do as much as possible. What sort of chemo did you have? Thank you for the offer of PMing, funny how this thing is so rare, but we are roughly at the same stage. Hope all goes well for you with the ultra sound and ECG.

Hugs xx

Hi…I am having FEC-T for the first three sessions, then I think they are adding herceptin…all very confusing at the minute. The u/s was okay, but there is no actual lump, he said that it is very diffused, and that worries me so much…
This is all so difficult isn’t it? I hope you are coping okay - guess it’s going to be a continual rollercoaster!! I think working is such a good idea - I have too much time to think at the minute - never good!
Please keep in touch and let me know how you are doing.

Lots of love xxx

Sending you virtual hugs for all the good they’ll do xxx

Hi Claire,
Please don’t worry about the comments from the ultrasound man - as I understand it ibc is a ‘diffuse’ cancer, which does not come up as a lump. Most other breast cancers will show one or more lumps, but ibc grows in ‘sheets’. I am an IBC patient too, mine did not show a lump either.
When I was first diagnosed I was worried about all so many things that doctors or consultants said, and only much later I would realise that the things I worried about were pretty normal. Well I mean normal as far as normal goes with all this breast cancer diagnosis and treatment etc. As you rightly say, it is all so hard to take in, especially when you have just been given such a shock diagnosis so recently and are now thrown into the treatment with such speed, not knowing yet how it will affect you, nor all the steps that you will have to go through.
I am happy to hear you have started chemo so quickly, and wish you the very best with your treatment. I finished my treatment a little while ago now. I did find this site and the Macmillan site very helpful - both the forums and the Macmillan telephone service were fantastic (still are).
Warmest wishes

Thank you Christine. I don’t know how I would cope if I hadn’t found this forum. I am the sort of person who always wants to be very well informed, but recently I am actually too afraid to ask questions cos I’m scared of the answers…I need to change this attitude quickly, so that I can give it my all in fighting.
I hope you are doing well.
Love Claire x

Same here, my (IBC) cancer was very diffused and scattered as they said (over an area of 7 cm). It responded to chemo “significantly” they said after the operation. My DX is one year old in two days and I feel very well, returned back to work and go to gym etc etc.

Hugs and love from 3N3

Glad you are feeling well and able to get on with life - I am over the worst of the shock now, as are my family. I am now going to educate myself as much as possible about this and attempt to get back to some kind of ‘normality’…


Claire, I have sent you a Pm.x