i have got an appointmnet to see my oncologist, my biggest fear about the chemo apart from throwing up that is, is the flippin needles, i hate them. i wouldnt say i have a fear of them, its justtaht on a number of occastions ive had bodeged up bloodtests and bruised, its the initial time b4 the needle jabbing. i get nervous if taht makes sense. also i hate teh canulars they put in, they are gonna do this every flipping 3 weeks and my mate said my vains will prob collapse cos of number times your jabbed and have blood tests done day before. can i enquire about possability of teh chemo tabs in stead? or are they given in rare cases

Madgal, I have difficult veins as well in right arm and bruise depending on who takes blood. The chemo nurses have been so good with the cannulas though. Seemed no more difficult than a blood test. They will give you good meds to help with nausea… lots of people react differently with nausea, vomiting, etc. I get somewhat nauseated but do not vomit… I get the jitters and nervous mostly which makes it difficult to rest. So people really get on differently. A friend of mine is tired the 2nd day and works full time otherwise and hasn’t had any problems.

I don’t know of the chemo tabs but have not heard of those used with breast cancer. There is a support nurse that can help you with questions about meds, etc.

Best wishes

Just to add -I too hate needles - who doesn’t but I’m on chemo 4 and have been poked and prodded enough for two lifetimes. On the needle end the nurses really do their best - I know it sounds flippant but i look away and think happy thoughts and the next thing the needle is in.

I won’t lie and say it is all plain sailing - on one chemo they had to try 4 times for a vein - now if you had told me I could cope with that I would say no way - but you will find the strength - keep thinking each one is one more over and one closer to getting rid of this horrible thing.

Good Luck
You can do it!!


Hi Madgal

I look away too when they put needle in and sent hubby out of the room - last thing I need is him collapsing onto the floor LOL. The nurses are great and if they can’t get a vein to come out and play I have to put my arm in a sink of hot water for about 5 mins and seems to do the trick!!!

It is not nice, but I know it has to be done. I had to change arms for my 3rd FEC, as my right one was very tender and swollen slightly.

Anyway, good luck

you’ll be fine. It really won’t matter that you have chemo every three weeks, your veins can cope with the needles - honest. But, the best person to tell is your chemo nurse at your pre-chemo appointment, they will be well able to put your mind at rest.
I seriously doubt your veins will collapse from a few weeks of blood tests and chemo, when I used to work in the labs I had some people come for a blood test every week for years and years, and sometimes they needed it repeated mid week. Never had a problem.
Try and think more about each one being one less to do

Dear Magdal

Just to try to reassure you that I have the severest vomit phobia which my hospital takes very seriously and I have not thrown up at all, thank goodness. Just a bit of nausea here and there. The anti emetics are amazing and they seem to have nailed mine from the beginning.

I had my 6th chemo on Friday and they put the cannula in the other hand as my veins were somewhat weakened and sore by the 5th chemo on the hand they were using. But really they are so great, it hasn’t been a problem. I have the blood test taken from inside the elbow and this is never a problem either.

Hope all goes well with you and try not to be afraid, the anticipation is far worse than the actual thing.

Cecelia x

thanks for your comments. i hope they nail my meds from the start lol. i will let you all know how i got on at oncologyst. thats at 2.30 today