Hi everyone

I’m completely at a loss so I was first diagnosed with breast cancer dec 2013 then again in 2017 so then 2018 found out I had the brac1 gene.
Straight in having an oophorectomy.
I was due to have a masectomy in the first lock down but that never happened so yes the cancer came back as triple negative.
The hospital were app apologetic and gave me my masectomy but couldn’t get to a lymph node high up in the armpit so now I’m having palliative chemo but before I started treatment noticed a rash all over my torso and it won’t go.

So waiting to see my consultant on Tuesday has anyone else had a rash but not caused by chemo.
Has anyone else had this treatment

Metastatic triple receptor negative, PDL-1positive (CPS only) breast cancer (left axillary, supraclavicular, internal mammary and mediastinal nodal disease).

 Commencing palliative nab-paclitaxel chemotherapy in combination with

Sorry for the long post but I needed to share xxx


Hi @Abigail15. Sorry you find yourself here, and a warm welcome. I have TNBC that has spread to my liver, and am 4 months in to being treated with Pembrolizumab and NAB-Paclitaxel. I am finding the treatment quite manageable and there was also some reduction in my tumours at my 12 week scan, so I am quite hopeful.


Hi welcome .sorry you are having such a stressful time . Does your Consultant know you have a rash ? Just wondering whether it might be worth getting advice from NHS 111 about it if you are worried ?

Thank you for the reply. So pleased on your scan results we all have to keep up the fight.
I’m finding the treatment a lot easier than the others I’ve had . No hair loss yet which is a bonus.
Big hugs xx

Omg i have had a rash last week and put it down to chickenpox. Ive just had a 3 month break from my palliative chemo so didn’t think it was anything to do with that. It looks like chickenpox put didn’t act like chickenpox???

Yes they know as I was in acute oncology just before the start of chemo and I’m seeing my consultant on Tuesday.
Thank you xx