neulasta injections

Hi I have had my 2nd FEC chemo and since I have had my neulasta injection on Saturday I have been suffering rib pain. Have heard this is one of the side effects.

Has anybody had the same?

Thanks Anne

Yes I got a lot of bone pain after Neulasta jabs. I really hated having them but they were a necessary evil - I couldn’t get through the doses without them. I hope you are more comfortable soon. All the best.

Anne, I too have the injections…
I get my chemo on every third Friday, then the Sunday start the injections for 10 days. The bone pain sets in about day 4 for me and is horrid, back and ribs for me and seems to last a few days.

Hi Anne,

I had Neulasta the Monday after my 1st FEC, which was on a Friday. It saved me from a hospital stay because of an infection. So, even though it caused some bone pain, I will continue to have it.

I chemo nurse suggested to take some Ibuprofen if I found the pain a bit hard to bear. Maybe you can try that.



Thanks for all your replies, it is good to know there is always somebody that I can talk to.

The pain has started to ease a little and I will take all of your advice on board.


Anne xx

Hi Anne,

I had Neupogen for being neutropenic at the end of my first cycle of FEC, one injection and 5 days of antibiotics. The bone pain is mainly in the big bones like hip and pelvis where most of the bone marrow is produced. My back was really sore for about 3-4 days afterwards, I was also told to use nurofen.
Will now have one injection every cycle.

Good Luck. Tinaxxx