Neulasta/PEG injectiions

had my first FEC couple of weeks ago, now on daily shots of GSCF due to low blood count. Nurse said after my next chemo I will need to have these injections daily for 14 days. Asked why I couldn’t have the neulasta injection, as you only need that once, the day after chemo. seems it would cost the NHS a lot less money than 14 daily visits from a visiting nurse and the cost of the injections.
Would love to know if anyone else had neulasta/peg injections on the NHS and any advice on how to get them. I have a needle phobia, so the less injections the better?

Hi Noanie, I had neulasta every fortnight after my 4AC and 4 paclitaxel chemo on the NHS x

Hi Nooanie, I have Neulasta injection, I self inject on the day after chemo , just the one per cycle. I believe it costs £800-£1000 so some PCT s won’t fund it.

Thanks Jean & loupylou,

Which NHS did you get them at? I’m in Shropshire and the chemo nurse said they are only given in Wales and Scotland. I know they are expensive, but a one off injection should be much cheaper on the NHS budget than 14 of them given by a visiting nurse…does not make any sense to me.
Is it legal to give them in one post code and not in another?
I have my 2nd FEC on Wednesday and would prefer to get one injection vs 14 of them.

Hi Noanie, I’m in Wales. Not sure of the protocol but assumed I was getting them because my chemo was fortnightly so stopped me getting infection and being admitted to hospital which is probably more costly than the neulasta injections. Some ladies were injecting themselves but I was a chicken so my sister did mine! X

I have the daily injections and also have a needle phobia. It is also a question of doing it yourself can’t get a nurse in so hubby does it. And to be honest it doesn’t hurt, I put a can of cold drink or icepack on for a few mins before and it’s absolutly fine, give it a try, if you can’t manage after one cycle They may offer the single one. Good luck BD x

Hi Noanie,
I had the single GSCF injections after each chemo as was having chemo fortnightly as part of a clinical trial (Tact 2) , i read on my notes the single injections cost just under a £1,000 each , so they are quite expensive the district nurse used to come in and do mine the day after having chemo.
I live in Cornwall.

Linda x

Hi Noanie,
I’m under Winchester & Basingstoke PCT and they don’t give them. I tried the cost of District nurse visit versus single injection argument and was told cheaper to use district nurse as she’s already there and paid for!
I think Wales and Scotland are able to give as they’re autonomous regarding NHS budgets; so that’s why everyone gets free prescriptions in Wales and soon Scotland whereas England we generally have to pay.

Good luck trying anyway.

Hi Helenx,
Thanks for responding.
I found out the cost of a single injection is about 900 pounds, and the daily injections are about 400-500 pounds. When you do the sums, the single works out much cheaper…I would think the NHS would prefer to pay the cheaper route. Makes no sense to me what so ever.
I guess I will write to my local council and see if that gets me anywhere…I will let you know if I have any luck.

Hi Noanie

I am in Yorkshire and I had them, so I can’t see that it is only a Wales/Scotland thing. The chemo nurses handed me the injection after my chemo and I took it home with me to do the next day. I could do it myself if I wanted (err no thanks) or they would arrange for the district nurse do them.

Good luck xx

I’m in Bedfordshire and had Neulasta four times out of six:

FEC1 - didn’t have it but had a nasty infection.
FEC2 - had it and was fine.
FEC3 - didn’t have it but WBC dropped off the chart
As a result of that I had it after all 3 Tax treatments.

I was given the syringe to take home and the district nurse came and gave it the next day.

Jane xxx

Noannie, I live in Lancashire and was given Neulasta after a hospital stay of 4 days, I suppose its cheaper to give injection than keep me there again, so I will have 5 in total.

I know of a lady who got an injection for low blood count (think it must be the same one) and her District Nurse came out and gave it to her and said it costs about 700 pound (pound sign not working!) and we live in the North East.

Jo x

hi , had 1st fec on the 16th , onc prescribed neulasta before hand so new was going to have it. took it home with me and dist nurse came out to administer. I am from the north west ,though am not being treated in my area. I opted to be treated by anoher trust in my region. Better results better care and not afraid to prescribe the “good stuff” ie: neulasta, emend and even holistic therapy. feel like one of the lucky ones x
ps: by the way , neulasta given 24 hrs after chemo .

I had 3 injections of Filigrastim on day 3/4/5 after neutopenia from first Fec, is that the same?

Hi hun could I ask you which trust you move to as I am looking to moving as not happy with how I have been treated as was on peg for first 2 sessions I was great and then given filgrastin and had bad reaction and in hospital for 4 days not looked after at all and been told I have to stick with it now for my nxt 3 sessions of chemo/tamoxifen and see how I get on as government cut backs across England? Cheaper drug doesn’t make sense x