Neuropathy compression or iced gloves & socks

Hi All,

I wanted to share this study for those on taxol regimes like paclitaxel or the other one starting with a d

In the US it’s almost a given like the cool capping in most centres to use either compression gloves and socks or iced ones to prevent neuropathy.

The study shows no difference between the 2 so I’m going to do the compression. Brand doesn’t matter as long as the garments are 20-30mm hh.

Ask your hospitals if they offer this. I’m fortunate enough to have BUPA so my centre has the iced gloves but I haven’t yet asked about compression. They gave me compression socks post surgery so i suspect ut won’t be an issue.

I’ve found some much better priced options online if anyone would like some links and some cute designs for the socks.


Hi there!
Have you tried the compression gloves yet? I’m just wondering how you’re getting on? :slightly_smiling_face: I’ve started getting neuropathy in my finger tips and am hoping I’ve not left it too long to try gloves. I’m not allowed to use ice for to fibromyalgia.
I’d be really grateful of links please as am finding it a minefield!!
Doris x

I’m sorry you’re having that.

I’m a week into round 2 of EC and I’ve definitely got neuropathy in both hands and feet.

Putting my compression socks has helped and I ordered 2 types of compression gloves which are helping but it’s not going away.

When I massage my fingers, knuckles with my body butter it soothes it and also massage feet and warm baths.

These are gloves from Amazon I just wear them throughout day and night

And these are the ones I’ve bought to wear during infusion but also in general as they meet the compression requirements used in the study

I’ve asked to see my oncologist on Monday - a few days before round 3 and I’ll be asking her to reduce the dosage.

I’ll see if I can tolerate the ice along with gloves as I can’t do day to day things

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