Hi lovely ladies,  i have a question to ask you all,  have any of you had neuropathy in your face ??  I have tingling under one eye which has now spread down my cheek and to under my jaw bone.

i asked my oncologist who said she hadnt heard of this but doing some research myself online i found info saying yes its possible.  Anybody help me ?  Thanks 

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Hello @clio18 

My husband suffers from something similar (accompanied by muscle twitching all over his body) and having had numerous tests to rule out anything really nasty the conclusion is some of his issues are down to an element of aging and spine weakness and stress! 
I would just keep an eye on it (maybe keep a diary?) and see how it goes and if there are any specific triggers for it. 

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Hi @clio18 

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You may be interested in asking this question to our nurses. We have a board for this on the forum:

This is a very supportive place, so please do ask any questions you may have.

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Yes I have it in my right cheek and down my neck. also in my hands, feet, calves and buttocks… it is a total pain in the ass. I take Pregabalin and Codeine for the pain