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I had Grade three breast cancer, Ive had a mastectomy, EC and Taxol chemo, Five weeks of daily radiotherapy and am now on a years
herceptin which finishes next June.Im feeling very well , but since finishing taxol have really painful neuropathy in my right foot. Have been told there is nothing can be done for it and it will go eventually. Has anyone found anything that helps? Also am struggling to loose about 6 lbs Ive put on since all this started in Feb this year. Would love to hear from anyone in same boat. Maggie


Had neuropathy for 3 years since finishing Tax. Only now are my toes thawing out but feet are still numb but it has seldom been really painful except in heels but not enbough to take anything for it. As you say, nothing can be done but try a few supplements like ginger, tumeric from Nature’s Best - might help but no promises.