i saw my Doctor today and after months of tests for tingling in my hands,feet,bottom and back that started in November. He has diagnosed neuropathy bought on by chemotherapy. I had Cisplatin in 1997 and Taxotere in 2009, both can cause Neuropathy I know but it is over 5 years since my treatment!!

 Fortunately it is getting better but I am worried it could happen anytime again! 

Has anyone else had Neuropathy years after treatment. 

Hi Sue,

I finished 6 cycles of 3 Fec and 3 Tax in June 2013. I was getting feelings in my arms, hands, fingers, feet and toes of painful tingling and numbness plus awful pains under my toes and under my heel towards the end of Chemo.

But gradually up until now it has progressively become much worse to the point where it hurts. I would rather cope with it and try to ignore it, else I know I would be offered tablets which I don’t want anymore of! 

Most of my health issues have been as a result of some part of treatment. I’m waiting for a referral to Cardio as my Breast Consultant feels my heart has some Chemo damage as do my lungs. I was told in Sept I have asthma as a result too. Oh and my digestive system is affected now also! 

Chemo - the gift that just keeps on giving!

Hope you’re well.

Cheers, Michele x