Good evening ladies and a happy new year!! Well I was admitted into hospital on New Year’s Day and discharged today… I had my first fec chemo on Christmas Eve and was being very mindful ref the temp checks. I was admitted due to having a constant temp reading of 37.5 from day 8/9 of the cycle. My neutrophils were zero when my bloods were checked. Danger level for infection and nutrapenic sepsis. I was on iv antibiotic therapy and in isolation. Sent home with oral antibiotics. 

I just thought I would share this as valuable info ref the temp thing!! The other very slight symptoms I had were slight breathlessness and shallow cough plus being to really drained…

im now worried about my other cycles because of my experience.

does anyone else have similar stories?

Kind regards




Hi Deb, I was neutropeanic on both my first 2 FEC cycles. I was put on GCSF injections and they reduced the FEC twice. The best advice is be scrupulous with hygiene and checking your temperature. Don’t obsess over it and live your life. The injections help. I was on 6-8 injections every cycle. They really got me through the chemo. May be worth asking your oncologist about them. All the best. xx

They can reduce a little at a time. I had FEC 75 and then FEC 60. I also had injections and ended up in hospital despite them. I coped ok with the 60. I was so glad when the FEC finished and I started on Docetaxol. It has side effects but I’ve found it easier. xx