Neutropenic sepsis during chemo

Hello, anyone here has had neutropenic sepsis during chemo?

Is there any way to avoid it?

How bad is it?

Thank you

After my first chemo last year with a temperature over 38 I rang the number I had been given. I was admitted to hospital, white cell count was 0.2, I was hot and shivering and felt pretty awful. I was isolated to a degree, visitors had to gown up etc. A failed canulla try on the back of my hand got infected pretty quick. I was on IV antibiotics for about 5 days. I responded well to treatment and after a week in hospital went home.  I was told the first chemo session is the worst. However, after each chemo my temperature went above the 38 warning reading, sometimes up to 39.5. I needed hospital treatment each time. I had chest infections and pneumonia. 

We tried really hard at home using anti bacs and strict personal hygiene routines, but I had infections every time after chemo.  I wish I could have showered every day but I didn’t have the energy some days. Other people I spoke with did NOT have the same experience, its very much an individual thing as to how you will respond.