never rains...............

I could have been knocked down with a feather tonight.
I will refrain from swearing, unlike I did in the oncologist clinic.
Basically the PET scan showed that I have what looks like breast cancer in the left breast biopsy tomorrow, the onc has now spoken to the the marsden and apparently everyone agrees that surgery is the only option as my cancer is resistant to chemo, rads and hormone therapy.
So the plan is, biopsy tomorrow, results with surgeon on Friday chest wall resection and mastectomy in the next couple of weeks followed by chemo for what looks like new primary, but need full results for that.
What else can I do my head is spinning and I have stopped thinking straight

Hi lindsyloo

I’m sorry to hear you find yourself in this place again. Could I suggest you give the helpline here a ring while you are waiting for replies from other forum users? Lines open at 9am this morning until 5pm tonight. 0808 800 6000.

Take care,

Jo, Facilitator

dear linda

So sorry to hear that you have a new primary Linda and that your treatment plans are to change now.Sending you my best wishes.Stay strong and take care