New and confused.

Hi guys, have posted a couple of times and know that being a new member there can be a time before posts verified but can’t seem to see any yet…so trying again, hope you’ll bear with me.

Am recently diagnosed IDC on 23rd April and waiting oncology review next Friday for neo adjuvant therapy and really need advice of those who are going thru the same situation as me re: what to ask, types of therapy, etc etc.

It’s all so confusing and the wait is sooo stressful…thought I was a strong character but am crumbling at times.

Am 48, also health care worker and probably letting my fears run wild…who needs Google to rake all the scary info up when I’ve got it already in my own head!

Thanks all, take care.



Hope things have settled down a bit more for you. I think most people on first diagnosis are caught up on a roller coaster of i emotions and when you get to your appointments you never know what to ask.
As for Google, the worst prt is you haven’t asked the questions so you start to google and come up with the worse info possible!
Both my consultant and bcn told me to stay off it- easy said than done !
I try and write all my questions down and taken them with me.
I’ve had my lumpectomy and sentinel nodes removed- possible more Surrey to ensure not strayed anywhere then hopefully start treatment in the next few weeks- don’t really want chemo due to the side effects and the thought of losing my hair fills me with dread! But I know it’s a necessary evil! X