New and in limbo

Hi Carole - in my case I had mastectomy and pathology testing of the tissue removed showed the cancer was all removed as they had clear areas on the outer side of the breast and chest wall I presume - also the nodes didn’t have cancer cells in them. So at the MDT meeting they said I didn’t need chemo as all breast tissue had been removed. People have radiotherapy after lumpectomy because they still have breast tissue so this will zap any cells that may be there.

Thank you ladies for all your kind words and reassurances, I feel less alone.


Good luck Carole for today and let us know how you get on.


It’s good to hear how some of you have approached telling your children, it helps.  I won’t tell them until I have some answers, if I’m scared and confused how can I expect them not to be?  My GP telephoned me today to say she had spoken to the hospital but they wouldn’t tell her anything over the phone (rolls eyes) but apparently a letter has been posted out to myself and the surgery.  It’s not here yet so waiting for that now… waiting is torture!

Carole you sound very similar to me with the results so far. I initially has 2 small lumps which they were going to do lumpectomy on and radio no mention of chemo. After second biopsy they found 3rd area and wnat to do mri to Check if it’s elsewhere too due to my age I have dense breast tissue. I’m also grade 2 and invasive ductal and er+ they only mentioned tablet treatment as doesn’t appear to be in my nodes but mri is to clarify this too. Im.pretty certain they will be recommending a masrctomy am wondering why they have said u will Nedd chemo when they have hardly mentioned this to me. They did say after op I might Need a small 6 week course but that depends on results. Worried now…again!

Hi Melia
Like you, chemo was only mentioned to me as a possibility. I too had dense breasts which meant I had an mri as other imaging diagnostic techniques are not as accurate in this situation. So it is about getting the diagnosis & treatment plan right for you.
Looking back, I remember feeling at my most anxious at the stage you’re at now, as things are still not confirmed & inevitably the mind goes onto overdrive when waiting.
ann x

No don’t worry Melia you are correct - I am too wondering why a grade 2 tumour with no node involvement would need chemo? Maybe someone else would be able to clarify on here.

Hi everyone
Well I’ve seen breast consultant for results today and it’s mixed good and bad. There are so many different things going on in my breast at various stages that a lumpectomy would be huge and still may not catch everything. So I’ve opted for a mastectomy, for which they have said they can do immediate reconstruction if I want. This is subject to the lymphs being cancer free. If I go for mastectomy then I’m unlikely to need radiotherapy. If my lymphs are ok then they say I won’t need chemo. Yippee!
So I have to consider the reconstruction options and talk to the consultant who can do this. Then I just have to hope and pray the lymphs are clear. They think they are.
I asked if I’d have a body scan to check for anything else and he said not if the lymphs are clear, so I’m a bit worried about that.

Carole this sounds spot on and like I have said exactly what happened to me - various areas in the breast, mastectomy, clear nodes, radiotherapy if cancer was found close to chest wall (but it wasn’t) so didn’t need it and no chemo. I had immediate reconstruction with silicone implant and am amazed with the results. Good luck but i have a good feeling about your path x

I am always totally wiped out and exhausted by the big hospital appointments. Does anyone else find that?

Also it’s normal I think not to have a body scan cos if the lymph nodes are clear then it shows it hasn’t moved anywhere other than the breast. That’s what I was led to believe anyway with my situation.

Alex that all sounds good. How have you found the silicone implant? And what size boobs do you have if you don’t mind me asking? I’m about 38D .

Hi Carole - I have found the silicone implant perfect. I am a 38B/C and my consultant said he can lift the other breast up a little to match if I want (not sure I can be bothered but I’ll discuss it). The implant is exactly the same size as the other breast and you wouldn’t know once i have a bra on (obviously I have no nipple but at least I can walk down the frozen food isle in Tescos and not worry ?)

That’s great news carole… well as great as it can be! I am hoping and praying for the exact same results in a couple of weeks! Except my bcn told me i may not be able to havw immediate implant now as im high risk aa ive started smoking again through stress and also on steroid tablets for abkthr problem ? ive since quit so hope they can do it. Ann your right this time is almost as bad as waiting for first results. Remind me did you need chemotherapy And thanks Alex u must must be sick of my constant questions and a different worry every hour haha x

Hahaha laughing at that comment Alex! Silver linings eh?! X

That’s great news Carole! Can I ask you who are having mastectomy surgery, is it an option to have both breasts removed? I only ask as I feel if one was left wouldn’t there always be the worry it could happen again in the remaining breast? Sorry don’t want to think of scary scenarios but it’s the thought that I have that if that’s my option I would want them both gone but would they do that if cancer free?

Alex you do make me giggle. Silicon sounds like way to go! Might need the lift for the good boob ?

No Melia, I did not need chemo. Mine Was grade 2, with no node involvement. Had radiotherapy & now tamoxifen.

Karen - I did wonder about asking about a double mastectomy at the time but after my MRI it showed that my right breast was completely clear and will be having annual mammograms on that one now anyway. Plus the Tamoxifen reduces risk. I really don’t think they would do one if it wasn’t necessary, especially in my case when the MRI shows clear. I know women who have been found positive that gene usually have them as a preventative measure.

Thanks Alex, I guess that makes sense. My gut feeling is if you’re going to lose one you might as well lose them both but just one of the many things swimming around my brain without knowing what I’ll be facing. It’s very reassuring to hear that sometimes it’s the only treatment needed. Hope that’s the case for you Carole.

I think with anything nowadays they have to justify surgery and prove it’s needed x

Hi they won’t do double mx if one is showing clear on Mri. I wanted this but they said if I can’t live with just one boob after 6 months then I can elect to request to have the other removed at a later date. To be honest I have not found it too easy have single mx, it had been ok but couldn’t imagine not being able to do anything for myself like going to toilet. At least with one side I can manage most things myself like toilet, shower, eating.