New and in limbo

Thanks everyone, I don’t even know yet what will be recommended, just can’t help thinking about everything! Can I also ask anyone after core biopsy is there lump/swelling? This morning in the shower I felt a large lump that definitely wasn’t there before and now even more frightened but could it just be that? Still got a whole week until I go back and not sure I can cope.

Hi Karen,
Yes, there is bruising & swelling from a core biopsy, I remember having it.
ann x

Karen I had a core biopsy 3 weeks ago and a vacuum biopsy a week later and I have lumps still of both and breast still sore and tender. So I wouldn’t worry too much as think it’s quite normal x

Thank you for the reassurance, I started imagining things growing at super speed x

I’m the same I’m convinced my lumps are massive now and sure I’m getting a new one every day…! Bloody exhausting isn’t it x

It certainly is! I feel like I’ve woken up in a parallel universe and nothing is the same x

I had a huge lump after my core biopsy and I thought the cancer had grown massively. It didn’t shrink before surgery. I was told it was just blood/bruising that couldn’t escape.