New and scared


I am 37 and have just been referered to the breast clinic. I noticed a few weeks ago my right breast felt different underneath and its painful to touch. I put it to the back of my mind until i read a story on facebook of a mum my age that had the same with a persistent cough (which i also have) it wasnt a good outcome for this girl and now i am terrified.

My cough isnt bad and doesnt keep me awake but its there non the less. The gp said she could feel a thickening. My appointment is a week away. I’ve told my hubby who is worried sick bless him and my sister. How do you control that fearing the worst???

Thank you

Hi Tot, welcome to the forum, you’ll get a lot of support here. The waiting game is the worst, but hopefully it won’t be too long before you know exactly what - if anything - you’re dealing with. The thickening could just be that - a thickening, and the cough could well be a coincidence.

In the meantime, try to stop yourself reading too many horror stories, I’ve had to, it was scaring the pants off me. x

Hi Tot, im waiting for my appointment after being refered on the two week wait.  This isnt my first time ive been referred twice in the last nine months, cysts on the two previous occasionsso im guessing its another one thats popped up. I can tell you when i went first time my mind was doing sommersaults bcuse it was the unkown. I wont tell you not to worry because of course your going to its only natural i think. Just try to do things to keep your mind occupied and try not to google to much either. When is you appointment?


Betty x

Thank you! My appt is this thursday betty. I am petrified. Just trying to keep busy till then!

I was terrified as well when I first went, it’s the unknown isn’t it so I do sympathise with you


All the best for tomorrow x

Thankyou sll for you lovely replies. Got the all clear today. Just glandular tissue that seems to of become more prominent sonce i have recently lost weight. The dr was lovely and very reassuring.

That’s fantastic news Tot x