New boobs booked in for March

Well, I’ve had my last infill (a few weeks ago) and my new boobs are booked in for the first week in March.

I’m still very tight and sore, mainly across the top of my chest area. There’s also the itching inside that is driving me mad! I just keep telling myself that it’s not long now and it’s all for the Greater Good.

It’s frustrating and tiring though.

Not sure where I’m going with this post - just wanted to vent a bit I think.

J xx

Hi Poannie

Vent away, it helps. Its a tough long road, but just hold in there, the end is in sight!!! :slight_smile:

Take care


Hi Poannie,

That’s great that it’s going ahead so soon. Didn’t you get married just before your surgery last summer? Sorry if I’ve confused you with someone else!!

I had my surgery for tissue expanders last August but no idea when my implants will be done as I’m currently half-way through chemo and then need rads which depressingly may cause problems with the reconstruction. Anyway, I break it down into stages and everything keeps moving forward, sometimes slowly!

Take care,