New brand?

Morning ladies, hope you are all enjoying the sunshine.
I’ve been on Tamoxifen for just over a year now and have been fairly lucky with the side effects. Stiff ankles in the morning and hot flushes every night, and I’ve found these are considerably reduced if I don’t eat too much in the evenings.
Anyway with my latest collection from the chemist I’ve noticed that 2 months are the Wockhardt brand I’ve always had and the 3rd is a completly different box/design which states Tamollen (or Tallomen, I’m at work now so can’t check)
Does anyone else have these and how are you on the side effects?

Had a quick ‘google’ and nothing showing with these spellings-Ill keep looking and report back

Ive found a ref to a drug-Tamolan- which seems to be similar to Tramadol, for pain and gout.
I would double check with chemist if this is the spelling you have.

Sorry, didn’t mean to cause confusion. The drug is still Tamoxifen, it’s just the supplier’s name that has changed. Instead of WockhardtI now have this new name on the box.
I’ll let you knkow if the side effects are vastly different.

I always ask for the Wockhardt brand before my prescription is dispensed and would be worried about being given another generic tamox…will be interested in how you find the new one !