!NEW Breastcancer site walking shoes - free to good home!


I have recently bought some items from the breast cancer care site which is advertised on the home page of bcpals - it is US based, but the quality of goods is excellent. All items were lovely. however, I did order the walking shoes in a US size 6, which is supposed to be a UK size 5. However, they are extremely small.
My Mother who takes a size 4 says they are also a little small for her.

Is there any lady out there who would want them - free to a good home!
They are probably about a 3 and a half - they are also leather.

Message back!

Hi 1966ruby from another Ruby!
Funnily enough, I’m after some walking shoes and was having a look around yesterday. I would definitely be interested and it is very kind of you to offer. Whereabouts are you?

Ruby1 xx