New cancer in right breast.


I had DCIS in left breast last year, had that removed.   I have found a new lump in right breast whilst floating in the bath. I couldn’t feel it standing up. 

I’ve had biopsy on 26th April, I’m having bone CT and thoracic CT scans this week.  I’m having a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction, as I have a family history and high risk, I had genetic testing and that is fine.   They are deciding on hormone therapy or lump removal in meantime   It’s all taking a lot of time. Lots of stress and worry.  :sparkling_heart:

Hi @Denise3249 , I hope you find being part of this Forum helpful. 

Our team of breast care nurses are here if you ever wish to be in touch while a decision is being made about your treatment.

Sending our warmest wishes