New chemo

Hi all as anyone had Pacitaxol chemo i am triple neg with spread to lungs just been to hos they wanna try me on it just wondered how the side e were many thanks

Hi Laura I will also be getting Pacitaxol later in my treatment ( having 4xFEC first) but this is because I am alergic to Docetaxol. I am ER+ and don’t have any mets, just had 6 nodes affected hence needing tax. Not much help as I don’t have any experience of it yet but my oncologist says that it is widely used in the USA. Hope all goes well for you - I will be watching this thread with interest to see if anyone has any experience to share!
Sue x

hi laura, can i ask have you had other chemos if so how long ago and which ones i am trip neg too so curious what chemos available to us x

just read your other post so got my answer,i too dont have lot of faith in docs and dont alwaays trust them after being told my lump was nothing then 10 wasted weeks later told it was i am sorry you havent been listened to and i also believe our bodies tell us when something wrong,you take carex

hi fairyqueen have u got secondarys as well or just primary its all a bit scary another load of chemo i never coped very well last time with se so hoping this might be a bit kinder not looking forward to loosing my its not long been back but a wats more inp ho0pe y keeping well be nice to compare notes tc

hi laura had 3 fec then 3 docetaxol but after first tax had rash by mx scar waited few weeks then got it biopsied was recurrence so had several scans yesterday and not feeling too great so expecting bad news the fact that it recurred while on chemo is so scary if docetaxol wasnt effective just dont know what they will do with me :[ x

Hi fairyqween my oh think the tax started it growing again and my onc sd if that is the case then it just didn’t work which means went all through se for nothing try not to worry I’m sure they can try something else what cancer u got I’m tn so the only thing I have is chemo let me no how it goes tc laura x

Hi laura
Just wanted to say I’m on Taxol as well but with avastin. I was only diagnosed last month with BC plus secondaries and TN so its all very new to me. I’ve only had one week of taxol, my second today. Week one I had aches and pains in my legs but other than that I’ve felt fine. I’m guessing things will get harder!

Sorry I can’t be any more help - but good luck with your decision


Hi Linda

Just wanted to say I had a year on Avastin when I was first dx with bone mets - also Tax - and it worked very well for me. I have had no progression and significant healing of my mets. So I hope it does as good a job for you.

finty xx

Hi all thanks for y comments just glad there might be some light at the end am rather low at moe just wanna make it work u don’t seem to get any tn with seconday positive comments