New diagnosis following sh** few years. Bit of a rant.

I have just been diagnosed with grade 3 invasive ductile and although personally feel quite positive right now it’s only because I don’t have time to process and have a good weep! The last few years have just been been sh** and I wonder when it’s going to stop. Partner was made redundant Sept 2018 and hasn’t had a job he’s happy in since then. My dad bought me a pub to run in Aug 2019 and things seemed good for a while then Covid hit and various lockdowns. Just as it started looking up again, my dad developed several bad uti’s that eventually led to him developing urethral cancer which has been minimally responsive to chemo. Now I have bc…I thought I was waiting for the next shoe to drop but it must be a damn octopus cos shoes keep dropping!

My dad’s oncologist joked that at least we can car share…I felt like thumping him.

As you can perhaps tell, I think fury is what I’m feeling most, along with waiting for this thing to have an alien moment and burst out of my chest. One teenage daughter is being incredibly supportive the other is in a deep depression. Partner wants to quit work to look after me but doesn’t understand the steady income is important too…,Aaargh!

Hi @LexiDreadful i think I have the same diagnosis too (a lot of words have been thrown at me!) Feeling so overwhelmed and pessimistic at the moment! Also I can understand what you mean about having an alien moment, I wish they would just take the whole thing out but I haven’t had a CT scan yet to check the spread, but it has been confirmed there is lymph node involvement. How are you getting on? I should be starting chemo within the next couple of weeks but haven’t met an oncologist yet so I’m a bit in the dark.