New diagnosis IDCS

Diagnosed 2 weeks ago and already have surgery scheduled for breast conservation surgery and removal of a couple of lymph nodes for further examination.  I know I will have radiation at some point but chemo is not yet decided.  I am told “it depends” . The HER2 was equivocal so waiting on the FISH test.  We know it is hormone receptive.  I am told if it was under 1cm we do this and if over we do this but in the films mine is 1cm.  horrible family history.  Cancer is a great big word.  I am a woman of strong faith but some days it is all so real!   Common type for my age and the best kind to have if you have to have it…supposed to comfort but the struggle going through treatment is my dread.

Hi Donnajean,

I was diagnosed on June 19th so not much different from you. Grade 3 IDCS, ER+and PR+ but HER2- Looks like I currently have a similar treatment plan, lumpectomy (22nd July) followed by radio & hormone therapy but did have another lump show up on my MRI so had additional ultrasound & biopsy last friday & still waiting for results to see if it changes anything.

It is worrying isn’t it, all the waiting and not knowing but I have found lots of strength, insight and support from this forum so far. Keep in touch & best wishes for the next few weeks.

Jo xx