New diagnosis of secondaries in liver after liver biopsy, and wondering if my symptoms are normal

Hi all. Diagnosed with secondaries in my liver and that’s all right now, although a bone scan next week might show up bony mets too. I started Fulvestrant last week. Will have Ribocilcib if the tumour is still HER-, otherwise Phesgo to be added.
I had a liver biopsy 2 weeks ago and I have had a lot of distension and new sharp pains since then. Those are settling down now, but I wasn’t warned to expect them :woozy_face: Anyway, I wondered how other people felt after a liver biospy? I’m also getting pain in my stomach and wonder if my enlarged liver is pushing on it - I’m finding it difficult to know what to eat and not eat for the best to stop getting a stomach ache. This is new!

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