New diagnosis pending

Hello all. 

I am sorry to be back here. 12 years clear after mastectomy, rads , TAC chemo, herceptin, BRACA 2 pos, another mastectomy and ovaries out.

Now awaiting biopsy on lung leison, but CT result looking fairly conclusive in itself ( ’ assuming lower lobe lesion is the primary with hilial adenopathy as secondary,  staged at T1a’ )

I would just like to ask if it is ok to take paracetamol and iboprufen and codeine linctus to help with my symptoms? Respiratory Medicine appt midweek, but that’s not biopsy day and no other referrals yet as no official diagnosis yet…

TIA xxxx

Hi waitingangel99,

Sorry to hear you find yourself back here. I hope you don’t have to wait too long to get your biopsy results. 

Re your query on medication, I don’t know.  You can post it in ‘Ask a Nurse’ section but you may not get an answer until tomorrow at the earliest.

Best wishes to you.