New diagnosis

Hi there im new to this. I have been diagnosed with grade 3 breast cancer. Im 37. And terrified. Waves of emotions I never knew possible. My name is Dana …


Welcome Dana,

Sorry that you find yourself on this website but believe me its incredible ?

so many of us have been in the same place as you… i remember my first thoughts were shock…horror…disbelief…panic…why me ?   what next and how will i cope…

we take one diagnosis at a time and one day/step at a time…

if you have any questions you will definately find an answer on here from these wonderful ladies ?

Ive just had my first chemo treatment yesterday.  All new to me but i know where to come if i need help/support.   Please let us knowhow things go for you and once you get a treatment plan then you know what your facing…   Big HUGS and try n keep positive n strong.  ??

Hello Dana, sorry you’ve arrived amongst us, but a warm welcome is always here  -  if you don’t get a reply immediately, sooner or later someone will pop in !  Once you find you way around here, you will find different headings and ‘threads’ where you will find the support and the answers you are looking for.


This Forum never closes :smileyhappy: so weekends, middle of the night, just write away if you need to.


We all know that shock, the emotions, the panic, the ‘what ifs’, the ‘it’s all moving too fast’, the ‘results are taking too long’ - we’ll be with you on this journey.  I tend to dip in and out, as my diagnosis was over a year ago and I had surgery May 2018 ( Grade 3 like you, I had WLE and 1 positive lymph node ) - you’ll gradually get used to the words and the terms so please always ask anything you need to know and someone will have the answer for you.


Hugs aplenty x

Hi Dana,

Sorry about your diagnosis but you are in a very supportive group as everyone here is going through or have been through the various stages. 


I was diagnosed 10 days ago with grade 2 IDC, hormone+, HER2- and went through all the emotions most newly diagnosed individuals would go through. Since joining this forum, reading the posts and supportive comments, I’m in a much better place. Much more confident,  looking ahead. 


Being in limbo now, awaiting for my MRI on 13th June, then the wait for results … is extremely worrying. Although, spending the time to do research to find out more re the impending future will alleviate the nerves. It did for me. 


I spend a lot of my time making notes ie: post surgery items, questions to ask upon receiving prognosis relating to treatment plan etc… if we go in prepared, we will have a clearer picture of what we are heading towards. 


Hope this helps in some way ?We are all on the same train to our destination, just in different carriages along the way.  This is a good place to share as nothing beats first hand experiences albeit no two experiences are the same.


Maddygo ?