new fears

Hello Ladies,

I recenty posted comments on the waiting for results thread but I got my results yesterday and, well, here I am!

They found an area of calcification partly behind my left nipple, covering about 2cms. I cannot feel a lump and neither can the Consultant. I am to have WLE and Sentinel node biopsy this Thursday. Its very quick but my Consultant had a spare slot and I said yes before I could give myself time to think. He also said I am oestrogen receptive.

I have been terrified while waiting for my results and now I am scared if they will find it has spread. Was trying to comfort myself with the thought that where calcifications are found without a lump it means the cancer is at an early stage b ut now just dont know. Asked the Consultant but all he said was they need to look at the results of the tissue they take away and the results of the node bio. to make a detailed diagnosis and decide on most appropriate treatment.

So now I am thinking - if there is no actual lump that can be felt at present does that mean the cancer cells are more likely to have spread because they are not spending their time making a lump - or less likely to have spread - or does it make little difference? This may sound a bit daft but it is whats going round and round in my head.

I would be so grateful for any help.


Hi Lindavic

You may find it useful to call the specialist breast care nurses on our helpline to discuss the queries you have, you can call Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and Sat 9am-2pm on 0808 800 6000.

Best wishes

Can only speak from my own experience, Lindavic, and of course, every case is different.

My hormone positive intermediate and high grade DCIS was picked up at my first routine screening, and there was a small invasive component, believed to be < 1 cm. There was no lump, as such. The microcalcifications were spread over a much larger area than yours (6 cm x 4 cm).

There was no spread to the nodes and no vascular invasion, so this may give you some heart.

I am two years out and NED.


Thanks for this Mcgle. I am grateful for any comments. I was very calm yesterday and whn I got up this morning but I just cannot stop crying now and I feel so scared. I was hopeful my first mamm would be clear, then when it wasn’t I panicked but got myself together and thought the biopsy would be clear, when that wasn’t I thought they may say it turned out to benign but it isn’t. Now I am scared to be hopeful about the next set of results. Just really don’t know what to do. My husband has been great but it is so awful to see him worried to. i just feel im in a nightmare i cant wake up from. sorry to go on.


Hi Lindavic,

I was dx on 21/12/07, had WLE on 3.1.08. Had confirmation that it was Grade 1 Ductal invasive with 5 out of 9 lymp nodes effected.

My husband is the one who keeps telling me he had a dream and they told him they made a mistake and then appologied and told us to go home. But this is not the case. The facts are that I had BC and have now had it removed and as a precautionary need chemo/radio. I have been very emotional as I feel I have been cheated at the age of 34 to have BC and feel it for my husband and 3 kids aged 1,4 & 7.

You have to be stong and positive now and if you need to cry well you cry and let it all out - believe me I’ve done that many times. I keep on asking question over and over again but getting the answers are hard and not sure if you will get all the answers you want. What you need to remember is that is has been identified and something is been done about it now.

hope this helps and keep your chin up.


Hi Sukes and thank you.

Your response and any others I get do help as it lifts the feeling of isolation which I am sure everyone on this site has felt. I have managed to stop crying for now but I have no doubt you are right and its better to let it out when I need to.

I just wondered if you had started your other treatment yet or is it too soon after surgery?