Examined myself this morning and thought …yeah seems ok…then decided to poke round scar area and thought umm not sure that lumpy bit was there before…rang BCN who aid to go over if I was concerned and they’d check me…BCN thought just lumpy scar area, Consultant thought the same, did an ultrasound said all he could see was a small fatty lump…BCN said she couldn’t even see it…anyway he did FNA said nothing coming off it except fatty residue…BCN showed me slide and said …what does that look like to you…well it looked nothing like original FNA and did look like fat…will get results next week, they will ring me…told me not to lose sleep over it…ha ha easier said than done!!!

karen x

Hi Karen
I have sent you a Pm on that thread
Thnking of you.
Oh so thats to add to the ‘try not to worry’ ‘don’t worry’ catalogue of word ‘don’t lose sleep over it’ they have no idea!


thanks ruth have Pm’d you back on private msg thread.

karen x

Results are back …just fatty stuff as suspected.