New hair growth.

Hey ladies,


i am 5 months post chemo and am wondering if any of you have different hair now.

Before all this bc happened my hair was a mousy brown with some silver underneath and starting to get a little thiner ( i always had a lot of hair but was fine )

Now my new re-growth is growing back a lot thicker,  the color is either black or a real dark brown with silver all through it… kinda like salt n pepper,  but no curls yet…gonna keep it short now.

Anyone noticed this… not complaining but its sooo completely different… gotta get my first hair cut soon.   ?‍??‍♀️  Mini mad xx ??



Hi mini mad

I’m 5 months post chemo too, last one 9th Aug.

Pre falling out my hair was very fine but I had loads of it?, hairdressers used to say ‘where’d you get that much hair from, it doesn’t look like you’ve got that much’ got my moneys worth from my haircuts?.

Anyway, my hair had a fair amount of grey but still had a lot of my natural brown in it before but after chemo it has gone through a lot of changes, initially pure white then it started to go darker with alot of white but now it has gone dark brown with a sprinkling of grey?. It used to be straight as a die and wouldn’t even hold a perm but post chemo it started off with a wave (interesting) but the more it grows the more curlier it is becoming(very interesting) and when it’s wet it looks like i’ve just taken out perm rollers?.

I don’t know what it will look like in a few months?.

It is thicker and not as fine as before but that could be due to the hairgrowth shampoo I am using which does appear to be working - my colleagues are often saying they cant believe how quick its growing and some are even going to try the shampoo I use to see if it thickens their menopausal hair?.

But whatever way my hair decides to grow, I’ll take it, just so pleased I don’t look like a cancer patient now got fed up of peoples pitying looks or even being avoided.?

Have had a couple of people say oh, you’ve cut your hair very short, looks a bit boyish? but get a naughty sense of satisfaction when I say, no I’ve not had it cut its called chemo regrowth! oh the look of horror and embarrassment makes me smile?, like I said naughty but they shouldn’t be so darned rude?.

Be intersting to compare hair growth notes in a few months to see whats happened?

Joemic x

Hi Mini Mad,

Just reading your msg now in Oct 20 and wondering how your hair is now?Interested to hear, as mine was same colour as yours and growing back same, salt n pepper , brown before, even my eyebrows are darker and bushier which is interesting!