New Hair

Hi all
Its been ages since I last posted,but thought I would share with you something which i think has really boosted my new hair growth.Its a solid shampoo bar called NEW its from Lush.I have been using it for just over 2 weeks and have seen a dramatic increase in my hair growth,the shampoo itself is lovely smells of cinnamon and lathers up lovely,think it will last ages too,cost £5.00.

A friend of mine bought me two of these bars, and I must admit I was sceptical, and put off using them for a while as the cinnamon smell was SO strong… but then we ran out of shampoo, and I gave them a go… WONDERFUL! I’m not sure if they’ve had much impact on my hair growth, it was wild and curly before I started using them, and it’s still wild and curly now - but they work brilliantly, the scent is not overpowering when you actually use them, and I shant be going back to ‘normal’ shampoo! I was already a convert to their soaps and shower jellies and anti-perspirant bars… just wish they were all a fraction of the price!!!

I’ve just started using this as well in the hopes that it will kick start my slow growing hair (even onc thinks it’s slow, so it’s not just me being impatient! :D). I must say that whether it works for me or not it does make my hair feel really nice and I love the smell. Also agree with it being great value for money too. I can’t afford to buy some of the other liquid shampoos on a regular basis so something that costs a fiver and lasts a lot longer is perfect! :slight_smile:

How often are you all washing your hair? In the bumpf I got from Trevor Sorbie’s My New Hair charity it said that post-chemo hair should only be washed once a week but if something is going to help with regrowth I’d want to use it more often than that.

Nymeria x

Hi. Am using any old shampoo which kids leave in the shower, have now got very thick and very curly hair. Wash it everyday, it’s growing like wildfire and the curls are horrid…so, if you want quick growing thick hair, go cheap! Just joking, you have to do what is best for you during such a horrid time…happy christmas ladies.xxxx

Got the Lush bar, and didn’t think it made much difference, but I used it on my bald head! I think alo vera gel, left over from rads made a difference though. Horses for courses I guess. Jane

I don’t care what I use as long as it GROWS. I will try anything, so keep them coming!!! Lush will be purchased tomorrow the cheap stuff I have in plenty!

My last chemo was in May 2011 and by now I expected to be able to go without my wig. Maybe I was naive but I had no idea that sometimes hair does not grow back. It was always talked about as when rather than if. Nothing happened until August when I had a fine covering of hair over most of my head. However, it was very sparse and fluffy but I just thought it would gradually thicken up. Sadly that is not the case the hair that came through in August has continued to grow but since then no further hairs have appeared apart from on other parts of my body. It looks absolutely terrible and there is no way I could go out without a wig. Has any one else had this problem and was it resolved eventually. I have since read that Taxotere can cause permanent baldness but this was never mentioned to me by the Oncology Dept. A phone call to Oncology referred me back to my GP who says she has never seen this. She did blood tests to ensure there was no other cause but none was found.