New here and a bit worried

Hi everyone, this is my first time here. Just been doctors this morning because my right breast has increased in size I feel like it’s getting bigger could that be possible?
Anyway doctor examined me and found large lump in my right breast and smaller in my left.
I’d be lying if i said I wasn’t scared. He is sending me to the clinic. Could anyone tell me what to expect when I get their? Thank you ? x

Hiya, I’m sorry you have this worry hanging over you but your on your way to getting it checked out now , they are so lovely at the breast clinics, they tend to give you a physical examination then send you for a Mammogram and then for an ultrasound, they are very thorough and aim to give you an answer as to what may be going on that day, if they do find something of concern they will likely biopsy it which will mean another 1-2 week wait for results. 

I know it’s hard not to worry but breast cancer is the least likely thing it will be as the majority of lumps are harmless, please let us know how you get on Xx Jo 

Hi Mama, I was diagnosed at a one-stop-clinic. Triage first ( is the lump still there) then mammogram (which showed the lump as large white star shapes ) then on to ultra sound, which was administered by a very experienced doctor. She was able to tell me immediately that the lump looked abnormal, and I had cancer. I was then asked if biopsies could be taken. Three were taken from my breast, and three from the back into the underarm. I was given local anaesthetics and the procedure was not painful, although the bruising which came later was not pretty! The biopsies were core biopsies - a bit like a tiny weeny Apple corer taking a sliver of flesh for the microscope. It makes a bit of a bang when it takes the sample. The  pathology results took two weeks to come back, and there was another weeks wait for the team to meet and discuss the outcomes, and then decide on a best possible pathway for me. Take someone with you. I was in a state of shock and hubby was a rock. He was great with questions when we went back into triage to meet my BC nurse and get appointments etc. Of course, there is every possibility that you will NOT have BC, so hold that thought! ?