New here and saying hello

Hello All


I’m new on here and wanted to say hi. 


I was diagnosed with grade 2 breast cancer in March and since then life has been turned upside down, a feeling I’m sure you are all familiar with.


I have just had my 3rd chemo (out of 6).  That’s the FEC done with, on to the Docetaxel for the next 3 (have heard bad things about that one so dreading it).  I will then have surgery in August (hopefully a lumpectomy) and then 3 weeks of radiotherapy in October/November.


I’m doing ok and generally managing to stay positive but it’s tough isn’t it, mentally as well as physically?  My marriage broke up nearly 2 years ago and I have a 7-year old daughter so am trying very hard to keep things as normal as possible for her.


Looking forward to chatting on the boards and supporting others when I can.



Dear jos,

Welcome to the BCC Forum.  I hope you will find lots of information and support here from fellow members.  You might also find it helpful to join one of the Chemotherapy Monthly threads, (in the section “Going through treatment”)

Very best wishes


BCC Moderator

Hello jos,


Just wanted to welcome you to the website and wish you well. Have you visited the monthly chemotherapy threads? You could pop over to:


and start posting in one of them. Probably the March 2014 thread, where the members will be about the same stage as you are. You will be able to share your experiences and support the others as they will support you.


poemsgalore xx

Hi jos nice to hear from you.i to am quite new on here looks like we are both the same.i was diagnosed on april 14 small lump in breast+ under arm am due to start chemo on fri same as u fec.been today to sort out a wig have u lost your hair yet mine is really long will shed a tear when I get it cut tomorrow but it will grow back.i am donating my hair to a childrens cancer charity feel good about that.i wont get my op till maybe dec you wil be well on your way then let me know how it goes and be strong.sheila