New here and scared had gastric sleeve before diagnosis

Hey im 42 last week diagnosed with stage 3 invasive ductal carcinoma thats in my lymph nodes.
Im absolutely petrified waiting for my ct scan results and if its hormonal.

Im scheduled for surgery in a few weeks or it will be chemo and radiotherapy.

Im 10 momths post gastric sleeve so ive lost 5st 7lbs im really thin and worried im to weak for the treatments.

Im just petrified i cant think straight. We have to tell our daughters 9 and 11 next week when we know more im dreading it.

Trying to stay positive but its hard x


You might be my twin :heart: although I’m older (60). I had gastric bypass 10 months before finding my breast cancer lump.
My bypass was a revision from a gastric band.
I went to turkey and had it done. It wasn’t without it’s own problems, I’ve now got as a result a severe pancreatic insufficiency, and probably not enough small bowel left. This means lots of diarrhea, nutritional deficiency and really easy weight loss !!!
I’d lost 3.5 stone just before I found my lump.
The other girls I travelled to turkey with are just starting boob jobs etc as I had half my left boob lopped off.
Anyways, shit happens !!!
My advice is, don’t try and lose anymore weight, get your supplements, forceval or whatever you take absolutely with no missed doses.
Prioritise protein and make sure everything you put in your mouth has nutritional value.
I start chemo next week and will be weighed each cycle to ensure I’m not losing excessively (BMI now 25).
Physically I think we just have to be really careful about eating well and taking the supplements.
I’ve managed to get my ferritin and B12 back in normal range with tablets (prescribed) so feel I’m not in too bad a place to start chemo.
Emotionally I feel cheated out of my glam skinny future. Gutted that what I did has to a large extent back fired on me.
My only consolation is that I may not have felt the lump so early when I was heavier.
Private message me if I can be any help or like me you want to have a good whinge and blub xxxx

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Hey there! I was just diagnosed with IDC yesterday and it’s in one biopsied lymph node. I don’t have anything else to add but just wanted to share that I’m in a similar boat. I’m still waiting on my first appointment. Wishing you the best of luck during this process!

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Hey vibby :purple_heart:

Im so happy after receiving your message knowing someone has been through a gastric operation.
Sorry to hear about your complications with the bypass. I had my gallbladder removed due to sludge and stone’s so it felt like a longer recovery, then 3 months later kidney stone so another emergency operation ( great!! ).
I also went to turkey fantastic care and aftercare.
I also believe if i hadn’t lost my boobs i would nerver of known :pray:

I would love to stay in touch :heartpulse::people_hugging:
How to you private message lol x

Hey nika16

Well i never thought i would be in a group like this i honestly thought it was fatty tissue as i had a mammogram dec 2022.

Apparently they can miss it so can a ultrasound scary!!.
Im waitin on ct scan results and im bricking it every ache i get worries me now mentally draining.

Sending hugs :people_hugging::heartpulse:

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Omg tell me about it! Every ache, pain, and cough has me thinking the worst. I’ve had pain in my left breast since 2016 and had an ultrasound then and in 2018 and it was clear. I was just in my GYNs office on 11/30 and my breast were fine. Things changed so quickly! My sister called me in the middle of the night and gave me some faith leaning advice which was really helpful.

Sending you hugs right back! :heart::heart::heart:

Im still in shock so much to take in :pensive:
Nothing prepares you for them words i cried so much everything was a blur.
Im waiting to see if its hormone then treatment, my surgery is 23rd feb i just want it out, i cant bear to look at it.
Hugs :people_hugging::heartpulse: