New here and very worried!!

Hi Fushia,

GOOD LUCK for tomorrow I hope it is all just benign and nothing to worry about. Be brave and remember that if it is bad news you are NOT ALONE.

Let us know



Hi Val
My thoughts will be with you in the morning! I was diagnosed almost 4 months ago. All the emotions you are feeling i went through too! I just wanted to live!!! The fact that i didn’t have to lose my breast and hair (no chemo) was an added bonus. I thought i would never be the same again. Today is my first day without needing treatment! I’m going back to work in Nov and planning a big cruise for Xmas. I still have moments of feeling scared but i’m also optimistic. I’m 40 by the way,with 2 children.
Let us all know in the morning. love Julie X

I have posted this on behalf of new user Ann
Kind Regards
Breast Cancer Care

I am waiting for my 1st appointment with the consultant and I am terrified of what they will find- and how long it will take to tell me. I too am on tranquilizers and can’t sleep, i’ve lost interest in everything. My poor husband is so supportive but what can anyone say? I can’t tell my mum till I know more myself, we lost dad within 6 months of his diagnosis.I am desparate, crying all the time, off work, just want it to be over.This is such a horrible time

Hi Ann

Welcome to the forums- not a site any of us really wanted to find ourselves on but a wonderful support system. I’m sure you’ve read all the above posts so there’s not really much more to say. The waiting period is horrible and nothing will change that. However, it is true that the majority of breast problems are non-cancerous. I’m not really a great believer in the prepare for the worst philosophy. I tried to focus on the fact that there are so many different treatments nowadays that the odds on recovery are excellent if it does turn out to be malignant. So my advice would be stay positive and keep coming here to be with others who are going through the bc experience. There are many women on here who are really knowledgeable about bc and the different treatments. So ask when you have questions and just let off steam when you need to. It’s so good that you have a supportive husband. I do hope that you don’t have too long to wait for your results.

God bless.


Dear Ann

You won’t have to do this alone, the girls on this site are wonderful. Althoug the waiting is scary, you will strangely feel glad when it’s here and you know. It’s awful that every waking hour it’s on your mind, I remember it well.

Lots of love and support from us all, we’re always here.

Fuschia; Love and all the best also

Take care

Norma x

Hi Ann,
Everyone knows how you feel, i have the same emotions as you at the moment, and yes i am taking anti-depressants.
I rang the helpline today and spoke to the breast care nurse, i am still worried but i feel much better about tomorrow and am ready to face it head on come what may. Speak to them because they are really helpful.
All the best your appointment

Thanks to all who replied to my post.

Good luck for tomorrow we all know how you feel having been in the same position.

Take care.


Hi Ann

Good luck for tomorrow, will be thinking of you


HI Fushia,
Just wanted to wish you good luck for tomorow we all know how hard the waiting can be , please let us know how you get on.will be thinking of you
Best Wishes



ALL THE BEST FOR TOMORROW. My heart goes out to you. Sleep well and I’m praying your news will be good and if not, that you will have great and sensitive doctors who will do ALL they can to help you.

Hugs to you,


Hi Fushia,

I just wanted to echo what everyone else has said amd I hope everything goes ok for you tomorrow.

Best Wishes


Hi Ann and Val

I was diagnosed with BC last Thursday and I feel like I have been living in a bubble since then, waiting for the results was a mixture of ‘I’m going crazy’ and ‘It’ll be fine’. Now I am all over the place, I’m scared and chirpy all at the same time.

I am 35 with two small children of 3 and 6years. I have told my daughter I have a nasty bug which will need strong medicine to get better. They are both picking up on my anxiety. My sleep is very disturbed, if I can get to sleep I wake up after about 3 hours and then my brain kicks in and reminds me what’s going on. Not fun.

I feel for you both and hope that you have very good support networks around you to help. I told some of the mum’s at my daughter’s school so I have help ready when I need it.

All the best

Caroline x

Hi Fushia

I really hope you get on ok at your appointment today, whatever the outcome we are all here for you.

Lynn x

Good Luck Fushia for today - hope everything goes OK and results are good.

Caroline, hope you are doing oK today too, it is very hard with the little ones isn’t it, mine are only 3 yrs old and 10 months old. Think the 3 yr old is picking up a little bit. I hope that you get sorted soon, do you know what treatment you are on?

Do take any help you can, my friends have been great. Not told anyone at my daughters preschool yet tho, apart from teachers.

Anyway take care all. Good luck with results.

Morning ladies and thanks.

Sadly you will be stuck with me for some time.
Confirmed cancer this morning, team is going to ring tonight after their meeting to tell me if i will be having chemo first, either way it will be mastectomy for definate.
No idea of grade or size, not really bothered but it is ER+ thats all i know.
You were all right though, i am relieved to know what is happening.

Onward and upward ladies

Oh Val

So sorry the news was not good. But remember, it does get a little easier once treatment starts as you know them you are fighting back with everything possible. And chemo is doable, not nice, but you just sit in a chair while it all goes in. No pain, apart from when needle put in, but that is minimal. Just remember, if you are sick or feel really sick, tell the chemo nurses or your onc or someone and they can change your antisickness tablets. I have been fine on my chemo (had 3 x FEC and started 3 x taxotere tomorrow). I have not had any side effects really, apart from hair loss.

You can get through this and remember we are all here to help you no matter what.

Speak soon

Dear Val

I am sorry to hear of your recent diagnosis, you are welcome to contact our freephone confidential helpline on 0808 800 600, the helpline team can offer you further support and a ‘listening ear’ so that you can talk about the things that are worrying you at the moment.The helpline is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-2pm. I hope this helps.
Best wishes
Breast Cancer Care

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis, you poor pet. I had read the thread last night and i was hoping you would get a good outcome but it is true as dm1968 says it does get easier as treatment starts.
all the best, xxx

So sorry to hear your news,as everyone says it will get easier when your treatment begins ,just take one step at a time .please come on here and chat when you want to all the ladies on here can give you lots of advice snd support .It certainly is a emotional rollercoaster but you will get through it.
Best Wishes
Love Lindiloo x

Val, I’ve been hoping and praying that you would get good news today. I only logged on to see if you had news. I’m so sorry, but glad that now you know something you can at least start planning. Rant and rave and ask away all that you need to on this site. Everyone will only be too glad to help!
Love Julie XX