New here any advice

Hi all.  Some background information.  I was first DX in Nov. 2003 with stage 3 breast cancer.  ER and PR positive with 1 lymph node.  I did all but one round of chemo before I was hospitalized and the last one taken.  Had a unilateral mascetomy, hysterectomy, ooperectomy.  I finished arimidex in 2019.  In Feb I had my 6 month follow up and my CA 27-29 tumor markers came back high at 55.6.  Two weeks later test was repeated and they were up still at 56.3.  My scans showed lesion on sacrum and questioned pelvis.  Das my bone biopsy Thursday and of course I get my results on line after Dr. Hours.  From my understanding it is as we thought.  ER and PR positive and also thinking HERP2.  That test is being sent for further testing.    Any advice is most welcomed as I start this new journey.  Never thought after 12 years I would be here again.

Hi kittydog 

welcome to the group no one wants to join! Like you I took AI drug for as long as I was able, from 2005-16, but onc stopped it saying I didn’t need it anymore. Do you have medical insurance? Just surprised that you had a scan without symptoms as nhs down here is ‘symptom led’, so no scans until something goes wrong

Whilst it is rubbish that your cancer is back, bone mets seem very treatable, particularly if you are triple positive I think! There are so many new and effective drugs that are now available that weren’t there in the early noughties. I hope you soon get a treatment plan and can get on with your life; there are plenty of women here who are doing just that, despite SBC. :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: