New here- found a lump this week!

Hi! Two days ago I was standing in front of the mirror in the morning and I lifted my arms to tie my hair back and straight away noticed something weird. My breast dimpled and pulled when I lifted my arm. I was quite taken aback and had a feel and immediately found an oval shaped lump. I do have lumpy breasts but this was harder and different. Bigger. I made an appointment with the docs which was today and she said that because I have naturally lumpy breasts I am not a priority but will refer me for tests but it will take 4-6 weeks! I’m naturally really worried but I have age and no history on my side. Just need some support and reassurance that I am just being a worry wart and that even the doc thinks I’ll be fine? Can’t shake horrible feelings that something is wrong tho. It’s going to be a long month!

Hi lemoncupcake

Sorry for the delay in replying but here’s the link to one of BCC’s publications you might find helpful.

Jo, Facilitator