new here......looking for support

hello everyone,

my family has a history of bc and in 2012 i was offered the gene testing.  we do not carry the gene but i was put on a programme for annual mammograms from age 40,  i had a clear mammogram in November 2016.


In April 2017 i felt a sharp stabbing in my left breast, on inspection my nipple looked like it was pulling in the breast felt warmer than usual and was pretty sore,  the warmth in the breast and the discomfort calmed down after a few days. the nipple was still inverting.       Last week i felt a thickening/lump in my left breast, i attended the gp yesterday and she felt it too and along with the nipple chage and my family history she made an urgent referral to the breast unit.

Today an indentation has appeared in the left breast near the nipple.              I regret not going to the Gp in April.


My mind is in over drive and I am anxious,   I am a lone parent to two boys, 11 and 12.   I do not want to worry anyone else unnecssarily.    I feel like i have 4 red flags now with the nipple retraction, the pain, the lump and now the dimple/indentation.   I am fearing that i have bc.


anyone else had similar symptoms or waiting on their appointments?

love and warm wishes to everyone and thanks for reading, sorry its such a long post.




Hello and welcome to this lovely forum.


I can not advise you on your symptoms as mine were very different but I am sure that there will be other ladies on here who might have had the same symptoms and will be able to help you.


Dont beat yourself up about April, obviously your anxiety levels are very high at the moment and it takes over the rational thinking mind but we all know on here what that is like.  To be honest other than perhaps taking someone with you to the appointment, for moral support and also another pair of ears, its amazing how much we miss when we are anxious be it good news or not so good news, I would not say anything as really there is not a lot that you can tell them other than you are getting an area on your breast checked out.


Let us know how you get on at your appointment and in the meantime just know that we are all here for your whenever you need us.


Sending you a hug


Helena xxx


HI Happygolucky


My symptoms were different, started in March and I only went to the GP end of June.  Don’t beat yourself over it.  As it happens, things are ok for me …just need to remove a benign Papilloma. I will say this, if you don’t hear from the Breast Clinic in the next few days, just give them a call. I called them, not because I thought they were not doing their job, but emails can be lost in cyberspace…and I wondered whether they had received the GP’s referral.  


All the best

love xxx

Well, thank goodness you’ve had yearly mammos, Happy, as at least that indicates all’s been well to date & it’s totally right you’ve been referred urgently, that’s quite usual.
There are others here who’ve reported similar symptoms & mostly it turns out Not to be bc.
Also, please dont worry about April, it wont make any difference in the scheme of things & you’ve been monitored anyway, so you’ve done everything you had to.
Waiting is the pits & there’s no magic wand in managing the anxiety, but it can help to distract yourself & try not to think beyond the appointment.
Mostly all turns out to be well & if on the off chance it is bc, then you’ll deal with it then.
ann x

Evening ladies, my urgent NHS appointment came in for the 30th of August. Today i had a private appointment at a breast clinic. I had an examination, mammogram and ultrasound. They were able to tell me I have a 2.5cm tumour in my left breast. One of my lymph nodes is also swollen. To save me further expense today they recommend I get my biopsies on the NHS and then once my path results come in I can get a treatment plan. Today they assured me my cancer is treatable.
I had a cry but at the moment I feel positive. I am glad to know for sure. Deep down I knew I had cancer.
Looking forward to fighting this and coming out the other side.

Sorry to hear you’re joining us, Happy, but as you say the uncertainty of not knowing is far worse.
Now you can deal with it & thank goodness you did what you did to get ot sorted out.
There are loads of us here through treatment & out the otherside & outcomes for bc are some of the best around.
When you want to, do join the recently diagnosed & going through treatment boards.
I love your positivity, there’s no reason not to be.
ann x

I got a call from the consultant I seen at the private hospital today. He spoke to my NHS clinic and they were able to bring my appointment forward from the 30th to the 22nd. He has also arranged for me to have my biopsies done tomorrow morning at an NHS hospital so that when I do go to my appointment on the 22nd my results will be there and I can get my treatment plan.
Nervous about tomorrow but know it’s the first step towards recovery.
Hope everyone is well x



All the best for tomorrow Happy…you said it, …you are taking your steps towards FULL recovery.


love xxxx

The biopsies were no where near as bad as I anticipated. I was a little sore in the afternoon but nothing paracetamol and a nap couldn’t shift.

I get my pathology results and treatment plan on the 22nd. Earlier if the hospital where i had my biopsies can take over my care from the hospital i was initially referred to the ones who originally were making me wait almost 5 weeks to be seen.

Still feeling pretty positive and haven’t had the big burst of emotion yet. I am coming down with a cold just now and just want a lazy day. Unfortunately my children have other ideas.
Hope you are all having a nice Sunday.

Hello everyone,

I had mammogram recall last September where they found a cyst in each breast so was very relieved that all was ok. Last week I went to Gp after finding a lump which is in a different place. My doctor also said I had dimpling. My app at the Breast Clinic is Thurs 31 Aug & feeling very anxious & getting worse as it gets nearer. I went through this last year & can’t believe it’s happening again, keeping hopeful that just another cyst.


Feel silly for being so anxious.x


Good luck for Thursday.
Sending you my best wishes

That’s great. I am so happy for you.
It would be a pleasure to hear from you again from time to time. X