New here, with implants, a lump or two and worried!

Hi, just introducing myself.
I am Stephanie 40, married with three gorgeous children.
I found a lump a couple of weeks back and now have an appt at the One Stop clinic on Thursday.
I have breast implants (behind muscle) and felt a hardish lump (actually theres one big and two little pea size ones) on my right breast. Also have a big family history of BC.
My heads a bit all over the place and I seem to spend my time thinking its a fibroadenoma (at my age would they automatically move to remove it? It’s fairly big the big lump), ruptured implant or BC.
Are they any implanted ladies on here? What are they likely to do different (would FNA be difficult?)
Roll on Thursday, I wish it was all over!

Hi skyrocket and welcome to the forums

I am sure your fellow users will soon be along with shared experiences and support, you are also welcome to call our helpline on 0808 800 6000, lines open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturdays for further information and support

I am posting a link to the ‘Worried’ section of the website where you will find further information including the BCC publication ‘Referral to the breast clinic’:

Take care

Thanks Lucy.
Can anyone tell me about whether they are likely to remove the Fibroadenoma? If that is what it is?

Hi skyrocket

I have implants and was diagnosed with BC in July.

My story is slightly different I went to the breast clinic with a hardening of my right implant and the dr there found a lump in my left breast which I didn’t know was there (what a shock ).

To cut a long story short I had a biopsy and it was cancer which had also spread to the lymph nodes. I had the lump and nodes removed in August and am now having chemotherapy. So it all happened quite quick.

The hardening of the right implant (which is why I went originally) turned out to be hormonal, it hardens every 4 weeks.

Good luck for Thursday

Gail xx

Hi Gail!
Thanks for replying! It was very lucky in a way that you went to the clinic about your right breast.
I’m very sorry to hear you were diagnosed, hope chemo isn’t too rough for you x.
Do they automatically check both breasts (might be a very stupid question but my thinking head isn’t working right now!)
I am worried sick about tomorrow. I just want to be the other side and know what, if anything, I’m dealing with.
Can I ask, did they give you a mamo or ultrasound? I know with implants it’s not always easy to do a normal mamogram

Hi skyrocket
Yes they gave me a mammogram and ultrasound and biopsy all on the same day that the dr found my lump.

They said if it wasn’t for the implants it could have been another year or so before I would have found it myself, so I’m so glad I had them because they bought it to the surface.

The waiting is the worst part but once you know you can deal with it.

Chemo isn’t nice but it’s doable.

Let me know how you get on tomorrow.
Take care
Gail xx

I had heard that implants can make any cancer more detectable. Mine are under the muscle so pushes everything up.
I’m terrified of BC but also terrified of my implant having ruptured as well if that makes sense…
The two weeks seem to have dragged in one way but now I’m sat here thinking oh my God my appointment is tomorrow and I’m scared!
I will let you know how I get on! Thank you for asking. It really means a lot. I think I’ve done my husband’s head in with worrying!