New here

Hello, nice to meet you all! I was diagnosed a few weeks ago, after finding a tiny lump, which everyone expected to be a benign cyst. I’m having a lumpectomy next week. I have an oestrogen-sensitive form of cancer. I’m relieved to have been diagnosed at grade 1 but am really anxious about the effects of anti-hormone and stopping HRT. I’m perimenopausal and took Oestrogel for around 9 months. My main perimenopause symptoms have been anxiety (on top of Generalised Anxiety Disorder), depression, confusion and bladder issues. I know I could take antidepressants but the thought of doing so is making me even more anxious! I would be interested to know how others have dealt with menopause symptoms without HRT. After watching the recent Davina McCall documentary, I’m wondering if testosterone is an option for menopause + breast cancer. 

I will share that I began menopause at the age of 44. I decided against taking hormone pills as they were linked to breast cancer. Ironic that 15 years later a tiny mass was found that was breast cancer, also grade 1.

I have had my lumpecty and am now doing 4 weeks radiation and then they want to give me a hormone pill to take for 5 years - not sure I will take that.