New here

i was diagnosed 4 weeks ago with a grade 2 ducal carcinoma which is over an inch (and feels bigger every day! I am due to have a therapeutic mammoplasty to remove it on 24th March and the sentinel nodes removed.


I also have a second lump in the same breast that has had 2 biopsies back clear but I now have to go for an MRI scan on Tuesday. They say that it shouldn’t affect the surgery but I am now worried they are going to find something else and the surgery will be delayed and more severe. I am also dreading the MRI as I get claustrophobia (my go has prescribed diazepam for me to get on Monday).


I thought I was coping with all this but after 4 weeks of uncertainty and appointments/tests I feel like my heart is in my mouth all the time and cannot concentrate at all. There are days where I feel I will lose my sanity. 

It’s no wonder your anxiety levels are high after so long waiting to get the full picture, Diazepam will really help, it got me through many a dark day!  things will start to settle once you’ve had your op and can get started  on treatment, it wasn’t until after my op that my stomach stopped threatening to choke me and by the time my treatment had ended I was feeling pretty much ok again, hope all goes ahead as planned for you Xx Jo 

Oh I really feel for you, I had 6 weeks of  biopsies and waiting before being diagnosed which was a complete shock as i had negative biopsy s from the same site 3 months earlier. I thought I was going mad on occassion, sending a big cyber hug x.

Thank you  - it feels better to talk to peple who understand!


i am worried that the second lump will turn positive but he assures me that they are almost certain that it is ok. I’m not really sure what the purpose of the MRI is?


if I opt to have the second lump out, I have to have the full mastectomy, so if it is clear I don’t want to go down that route.


i am just so confused.

Its far too overwhelming to try and work it all out at once, try and deal with things as they happen and dont worry now about a Mastectomy you may not need yet, facts are what get you through and although its a crappy time waiting to get them you will start to feel more in control , dont be afraid to ask questions if you dont understand whats happening , write things down and try and have someone with you at appointments as a second pair of ears Xx Jo

I’m with you on the anxiety front and I’ve also got my surgery on the same day as you. I was ok when I was actually told - ok on the surface, but found it really difficult to sleep. Now it’s getting closer I am really finding it difficult - palpitations, headaches etc - I’ll be glad when Thursday is over and done!

Jo - I’m trying to keep it one day at a time. I really want the surgery over and done with but the thought that the scan could change this has thrown me. So right now I am just looking at getting through the scan tomorrow and then see what comes next. Thank you for waking up the sane part of me :slight_smile:


Louisa - I know just how you feel. I haven’t slept well in weeks and my heart is racing pretty much all the time. I’m hoping that this will all stop after the surgery. On the up side, I have lost 1/2 stone in the last month (not a weight loss programme I would recommend though!) I hope all goes well for you on Thursday xx