New High blood pressure!

I’m slightly in shock and trying to come to terms with the fact that as of yesterday I have high blood pressure.

I monitor my blood pressure at home every 2/3 months and its always been normal. Been checking more often since BC treatment, and good job I have. Yesterday it shot up to 152/88 (mid November it was fine). After emergency face to face GP appointment I’m on medication for it (169/? In doctors office).

I’m not overweight and blood and cholesterol are fine. Admit I’m not ad active as I should be. Its all a shock. 

Initially wanted to blame radiotherapy (right side), I’m 4 weeks post RT. 

After calming down a bit I’m thinking maybe it’s  small weight increase (6 pounds since BC, too inactive, too many treats and bad diet while recovering i.e. Ready meals and too many bad snacks, and more salt than previously. These things I can do something about. Whereas there is nothing I can  do for any RT effects.

So I’m now on a health kick. To be honest only just started to get a little energy back and felt like cooking and socialising more normally.

Hoping I might be able to get off the medication in a few months, although I know it’s rare to be able to do that. These things happen as you get older. I’m 67. But somehow you manage to believe it won’t happen to you. 

Just wanted to unload. And wondering if anyone else has similar experience. 

Hi Jan

Sorry you are going through this. I just wanted to ask if high blood pressure is a side effect of radiotherapy? 
Lije you said it could all be linked to not being so active and having more treats and also the whole stressful situation of going through this journey 

Do you take hormone therapy as I believe that can increase blood pressure

hopefully you can come off the pills in the near future x