New in Wiltshire

Just saying ‘hi’ to everyone as I’m new here, diagnosed December. Have found this site SO helpful; thank you.

Hi Caroline

Welcome to the forums. I’m glad you are finding them helpful. I was dx November 1st. Surgery (mx and snb) 12th December and am due to begin chemotherapy next Tuesday (5th) and without these forums, I would have gone completely crazy especially in the ‘waiting’ times between treatments. After chemo, rads and hormone tablet. Very good luck with whatever treatment you are/will be having.

Big Hugs
pg xx

Hi Caroline, I’ve PM’d you with some information about support in Wiltshire which I hope will be useful.
All the best.

Thank you both. Have just got home after 2nd op… a walk in the park after the last one, and that wasn’t too bad! Have picked up your pm Puffywhiteclouds - I will get in touch with Kerry. Cx