New indentation. Can mammo & ultrasound miss cancer?

guys, I’m just looking for some advice…a bit of a “what would you do” scenario! 

so, I’m 38, and  4 weeks ago I was at the breast clinic following an urgent referal for several breast dimples that appeared when I raise my arm. I had a mammogram, ultrasound and manual breast exam and told everything was all clear! Woohoo! 
But the consultant gave me a follow up appointment for 3 months, just to be sure (yeah, that confused me, but hey-ho). 

Anyway, I’ve since found a new dimple that only appears when I flex my chest muscles tightly, but this dimple is much deeper than my others! It sucks in about half a cm and creates a Z shaped puckering effect. 

I can’t say 100% if this is new, because the pose I have to do to get it to appear, is not something I’ve ever really done before. But the dimple looks so dramatic and scary!

I guess what I’m asking is, because I’ve just had clear scans, can I be reassured and just wait for my follow up which is now 8 weeks away, or should I get this checked out more urgently? 
Im so confused, my anxiety is so heightened that I can’t think straight to make a rational decision! 

Hi @DriftwoodH  - I can really relate to your comment about not being able to think straight when I’m anxious. I’m really sorry you’ve discovered another dimple. “What would I do?” - I would probably start by calling the nurses on here to get some advice or reassurance - their number is at the top right of this page. Or I’m sure you could call the breast care nurses at the breast clinic to ask their advice.

I’m not medical, but it sounds like they have checked you out and all is fine, but that they want to do a belt and braces approach and just make sure nothing has changed in 3 months. However, if I found something new I would definitely want to check it out as soon as possible, or I would be driven to distraction with worrying.

I really hope you can get the reassurance you need - please do come back and let us know how you get on, and what you have decided to do. Sending hugs, Evie xx