new lump

Not sure which section to post in so decided on a couple of sections … I was diagnosed 4 years ago with breast cancer in my right breat - had surgery and radiotheraphy and am still on tamoxifen. Had a sore nipple for a couple of days and on investigation on Saturday I discovered a small pea sized lump in my left breast immediately to the right of my nipple … spoke to the breast care nurse yesterday and she was able to get me in to the clinic today, consultant confirmed that there is a small lump but says it feels quite smooth so possibly a cyst (they said that last time so I’m not getting too complacent) … mammo is booked for tomorrow and u/scound for next Tuesday.
My question is, if it is another tumour is this likely to be a new primary or would it be classed as a secondary?

Hi lilacblushes,

its a difficult question. I had a ‘recurrence’ in my reconstruction breast last year (3 years after original diagnosis) and there was some debate amongst the oncologists as to whether it was a new primary or a recurrence because of a failure to treat the original diagnosis successfully. My understanding is that it would only be counted as a secondary if there was evidence to suggest that it had spread outside the breast but I am sure that someone will be along to reassure you.

Please keep us informed.

all the best


thanks for that - there was some debating last time round whether to class me as nodes affected or not - there was an intermammory node which was affected but the dx (on a vote … not sure if they asked the audience or phoned a friend!) was that I was node negative none of the nodes under my arm were involved so I know where you are coming from regarding debates between the specialists. I was thinking along the lines of secondaries being bones etc