New medication

I’ve been prescribed Propranolol 40mg by GP today for severe anxiety.

Has anyone on here had/taken this & did it help ?

GP told me it is a beta blocker - after waiting for this medication I am now wary of taking it - Me & my usual anxiety ruling everything as usual.


Would like to hear from anyone who can help.

Thank you


Hi Modo


No I haven’t, sorry. But my pharmacology knowledge immediately recognised it as a common medication for hypertension/high blood pressure. 

Is it that your GP feels your anxiety is causing high blood pressure? Or vice versa, that your high blood pressure may be causing your anxiety??

May be worth asking, if you’re concerned

Hope you’re well otherwise xxx

Hi MoDo


Unfortunately I have extensive experience of medications for anxiety and panic disorder. I’m sorry you’re in this position. There are many of us! And, like you, I’m very wary of anything new, starting with the smallest dose (1/4 tablet - you can buy a pill cutter at the pharmacy) and building up over a few days. Of course, you won’t benefit at all during that time but you will be in control of your side effects. I even did this with my anastrozole, much to the oncologist’s amusement. “Your body,” she agreed (for once).


Propranolol is often used to reduce the adrenaline surges that can lead to an attack. The only side effect I have noticed is a bit of a dry mouth and they can help if your patterns of behaviour aren’t well-established. GPs are very reluctant nowadays to prescribe the old benzodiazepines which have an immediate effect because they can be addictive and be misused. However, if your anxiety doesn’t respond well to beta blockers and remains a problem, they may well consider a longer term approach such as one of the SSRIs which, although known as anti-depressants, can be effective with anxiety.


You don’t say what stage you are at with your treatment. My oncologist prescribed 2 lorazepam tablets to be taken before each chemo session because my phobia was such an obstacle. It proved a boon. I had 2 left over for yesterday’s MRI which apparently took over an hour. What did I care! It is always worth being open about any mental health issues because there is natural anxiety and then there is anxiety anxiety, as you well know.


I hope the propranolol helps. If you go to clinic, be prepared for the nurse praising you for your blood pressure! Best wishes,

Jan x