New Member on the Roller Coaster Ride - Lymph Node Question

Hi Everyone,

I have recently been diagnosed with a Lobular Cancer / Stage 1 / Grade 2 / ER+ PR+ HER2 -

I am 50 years old & live in Essex/UK. I have 2 teenager boys

Following my first ultrasound the radiologist mentioned in her letter that there is abnormal lymph node activity.  I had my MRI scan and got the results last week.  When I asked my breast surgeon if they detected anything in the lymph nodes - he said it was clear.  

I have my surgery next Tuesday (lumpectomy) - will be getting the pathology results 2 weeks after that 

Is affected Lymph nodes can only be seen / find out during the surgery?  Can’t be seen beforehand on MRI? I m getting myself ready for the worst case scenario but at the same time can’t stop wondering ?

Thank you

Sending love to you all x 

Hi Isabella,

It is a roller coaster ride indeed, and waiting for surgery pathology is the worst!  In my case, I did end up having invasive cancer (11mm) AND a positive lymph node, neither of which were picked up on ultrasound, mammogram or the MRI that I had 2 weeks before surgery. I was diagnosed with DCIS and needed a mastectomy as there was a lot of it. The DCIS masked the hidden cancer. I am not sure why the lymph node was also hidden. 

Anyways, I think about 25 percent of people end up upstaged after surgery. So the odds are in your favor that all will be okay. But, even if a lymph is involved, it will be okay. You will have a plan and you will follow it and end up healthy and cancer free. 

Hi there!! My twin sister had a lumpectomy in May . She was diagnosed with Invasive MAmmary Carcinoma Mucinous type back in February.  She had an MRI 2 weeks before her surgery, it showed that lymph nodes were clear.  After she got her pathology results, lymph nodes were clear.  Hopefully yours will be the same!!   Hang in there, and I will be thinking of you!!