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Hello everyone,

Since my diagnosis I have been told I have to have a mastectomy. I have to choose between effectively the two extremes of a ‘simple’ mastectomy and a DIEP flap. The first is a quick  operation and relatively quick recovery without immediate reconstruction whilst the DIEP is a 6hour operation and lengthy recovery ( between 3-6 months). I just wondered if anyone else has had to make this choice and what the outcomes were.

I’m not young but reasonably fit. 

Many thanks xxx

Hi Chitchat , welcome to the forum .If you post this again in the surgery section of the forum , hopefully you should get some responses from people who have been through similar . Best of luck with your op . Jill x

Hello. I was Diagnosed 17th Dec 2020,had left sided mastectomy 9th Jan 2021. Chemotherapy in Feb through to June 2021. Recovery is tough physically and mentally. Now I’m feeling healthy. Because I had implants 15 years ago. I’m having latissimus Doris Flap surgery 30th September 2022, because I feel I should to balance my right side.I feel I will regret it if I dont do it.

If I hadn’t had implant 14year ago I think I would of felt different, because I was almost flat chested. I am terrified something will happen.

Cancer changed me its taken a while to feel normal again. I am reasonably fit, ache abit but at 65 I think it is now or never.

Enjoyed reading the posts. Keep strong everyone,  were all different there is no right or wrong.