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I was diagnosed last August with triple neg breast cancer had 2 operation  chemo and radiotherapy  got all clear a month ago

Now because my bloods wasn’t right levels had CT shows deposits In liver and bone start chemo again I’m completely numb

Hello Josie,

I’m sorry, so sorry that you’ve gone through all the treatments, the emotional and psychological trauma, and still so very soon after finishing them have had a scan that showed (I presume) some metastases. You must feel absolutely gutted and very frightened at the moment. There are pages here for ladies like yourself who are facing additional treatment for any secondaries - to discuss treatment plans, new developments in treatments and of course for some emotional support. I’m sure you have already found it, but if not…

Please do reach out and talk as much as you need on the forum or on the BCNow helpline. The people who answer calls there can point you in the direction of additional emotional assistance, as there is no reason to feel alone.

Josied So sorry you are back on rollercoaster Patricia prijatel who’s book surviving tnbc is a 2 x tnbc survivor Google her if you can. Also reach out to metupuk too as well as bcn When you feel you want to. Do please think about joining august 2022 chemo thread too :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx